Maybank2u Email Scam

Recently there has been an increase in online phishing activity, mainly targeting users of Here’s one example and how to spot them in the future.

It started with me getting an email that appeared to be from


Both emails above are scam emails. At first glance you won’t be able to tell if it’s legitimate. But as we continue along you’ll start to see red flags popping up.


Opening up the email in gmail reveals more information from the sender. As scammers are highly unlikely to be able to compromise maybank2u’s email servers to send spam emails, they will usually use another email server but disguise the email to look like it came from Maybank2u. This is called email spoofing.

From the example above, we can see that the email originated from Also, scammers are surprisingly not very good with writing proper scam emails. You can probably notice spelling and grammar errors in the scam email. This is a fairly consistent pattern and one can only wonder if they proof read their scam emails before sending them out.


Google Chrome will give us a warning if we try and visit the email link.


As you can see, the email link takes us to “” instead of “”. This should raise a very large red flag. NEVER EVER LOGIN TO YOUR MAYBANK ACCOUNT IF THE URL IS INCORRECT. If you follow this advice, you will NEVER be scammed.

Here we’ll just humour them to see what they’re up to. We first login with our username and password. Scammers will then take this information and login to your account from their computers.


Next, they ask for more information. I believe this is to make you enter your password again so they can be sure that it is the correct password.


This is the page where the action is. Remember they have already logged into your account using their computers. Now in order to perform a transaction, they will have to request for a TAC number. They will request on their side, and ask you to enter the TAC number that is sent to your mobile phone. Once they have your TAC number, they can then empty your account with a click of a button.


After you’ve given them your TAC number, they give you a friendly reminder not to log in. This is to ensure that the TAC number will remain valid until they empty your account (the TAC expires with each log in or in 30 minutes, whichever comes first). This is basically saying “don’t disturb us while we steal your funds”.

As long as there are scammers around, there will be gullible Internet users. Follow the simple guidelines below and you will never be scammed:

  3. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR URL. Ensure you are where you want to be by looking at the URL. Close your browser at the first sign of suspicion.
  4. ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS. Here’s a trick. If you’re unsure, just use a fake login on a page to test it. If it allows you to “login” that means there is no authentication at all and you’re at a scam site. Remember, the scammers don’t have your details so they won’t know if you have entered a wrong password.

Stay safe on the web.

What happens when you have too much budget for a movie?

Following the success of The Fast and the Furious and 2Fast 2Furious, 3Fast 3Furious, or more widely known as “Tokyo Drift” has probably been given millions in budget to make the film. After overpaying those actors and story writers who couldn’t come up with a better storyline, and burning hundreds of sets of perfectly good tyres, the producers and director had to come up with a way to spend the rest of the budget. Burning it wasn’t an option because it will lead to global warming, and giving it away to poor people would be a waste of money. So what do they do with it? Words can’t describe, but pictures can =)

“Do you know what DK stands for?”

“Drift King?”

“Nah, Donkey Kong.”

I mean seriously, can this get any lamer?

First off, the got a new Viper and they crashed it with an old car which probably belonged to that actor before he got this overpaid job. No, they didn’t think twice before doing that.

The old car can go to hell. The Viper was split into half before this scene.

And of course, a car’s not trashed if it’s not upsidedown.

Next, the guy goes to Tokyo, and guess what he sees? A Nissan 350z drifting up a car park ramp. By the way, a 350z costs RM500,000 here. I guess over there it’s just like any other Proton car ;) But still, doing such a dangerous stunt requires plenty of money. Imagine the number of 350z scratched and damaged in the making of this scene alone!

And then he is given the ultimate (or “Mona Lisa”) of all drift cars. The car has been tuned to perfection, everything from suspension to engine, from wheels to brakes. And guess what he does? The picture above is not really clear, but he just crashed into a row of car. Nope, he didn’t just crash into a row of ordinary cars.

Here’s the “Mona Lisa”, all bent and broken. And if it wasn’t enough, he kept driving it against the wall to make the bent fender come off.

Tada! Gone in 60 seconds! =)

Next, the guy is given an EVO. So what’s the first thing you do once you get a 2 liter turbocharged 4WD monster that’s probably giving out 300hp at the wheels (I assumed it’s tuned)? You slam the rear into a pile of wood! Of course! Elementary, my dear Watson!

And to show that you couldn’t care less, you dent the side by crashing sideways into some stack of tyres. Makes it look like you really push the limits of the car eh?

Hmm… that (the above picture’s caption) seems like a logical explanation. But how do you explain THIS!?? (insert evil laughter here). We’ll just drop a roller shutter on a 350z (half a million ringgit car) =)

And that EVO hasn’t got enough dents. Let’s just crash this 350z (again, half a million car) into the rear. Ahh… great dent.

Now let’s make full use of that 350z. Ahh… nice crash!

Alright, the 350z are getting boring. Let’s mash up the RX7! Great timing =)

Last, but not least, we haf the final downhill challenge. The director couldn’t let the cars get out alive, so he crashes the newly repaired 350z into the other just restored muscle car with a RB26DET. Sparks added for more thrill.

While we are at it, let’s run the 350z off the side of the road to totally screw up the undercarriage and suspension and tyres and rims.

Alright, I’m really sick of the 350z now, let’s just dump it, literally.

If you haven’t notice, this movie is about destroying expensive Japanese sports cars. The director wants to send a powerful message to everyone: only he can do it, you can’t. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it (line borrowed from the matrix). We’ll see ;)

So yea, great drifting. Continue reading